LaserMat® II
CO2-Laser cutting system for large plate processing

Do you want to increase your production competence further through efficient large area processing? The LaserMat® II is the specialist for precise CO2 laser processing in XXL format. The premium CO2 laser system can process large format areas of z. B. 20 m x 4,5 m – and that automated in one operation!

  • Newest CO2 laser technology:
  • Best cut surfaces for up to 20 mm thick Stainless and 25 mm thick Mild Steel
  • Beam path length compensation:
  • Consistantly high cut quality over the entire operating area

Your advantage: the best cut surface of all laser processes

  • On-board CO2 resonator:
  • Unrestricted working lengths of over 50 m and
  • Working widths up to 4,5m
  • Infinitely rotating bevel heads with continuous angle adjustment:
  • Continuous bevels from -45° to +45°

Your advantage: highly efficient large area processing

  • Direct control of the laser power in sub-millisecond range:
  • Ultra-short hole piercing and optimisation of smallest contours
  • Eco Power Saving and Quick Power Saving:
  • Up to 15 % less energy consumption
  • Simultaneous speeds up to 140 m/min:
  • Maximum dyamics

Your advantage: highly drives and process technology

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LaserMat® II

With a wide range of power sources you definitly will find the right one for your individual cutting requirement.

The recommended cutting range is based on the hole piercing capacity as well as the cost effectiveness of the process.

FANUC Laser C4000i-C

Cutting of Mild Steel up to 20 mm thick
Cutting of Stainless Steels up to 15 mm thick

FANUC Laser C6000i-C

Cutting of Mild Steel up to 25 mm thick
Cutting of Stainless Steels up to 20 mm thick